StaffRoom providing a school or college wide online learning environment, including online testing and student tracking.

Pull up a chair in the Examstutor StaffRoom accessible to teachers of subscribing schools and colleges. From here you can control and monitor you students usage of examstutor in your subject area, provide individual login accounts, create Classes of students, set exam board specific RevisionPathways, review your students performance in online test via ReportCards, review the revision resources your students create using Knowdz, and get insights into their revision behaviour with RevisionTracker and much more...

Once logged in simply click on each icon below to start using the StaffRoom

If you need any help using the StaffRoom, please do not hesitate to email us at


Examstutor Analytics

Examstutor Analytics

Examstutor Analytics, aims to help you measure the value of subscribing to examstutor, helping you monitor usage levels over time, and improve the targeting of promotion of examstutor within your school / college. We welcome your feedback regarding this new feature, which we plan to develop further over the academic year.


RevisionPathways - guide your students towards their exams


RevisionPathways enable you to provide your students with an exam board specific revision pathway towards their exams. From here you can select one of a growing number of Revision Pathways for each of your chosen examstutor subject areas.

Once you have selected a revision pathway, examstutor will re-organise all the key areas of the site such as the StudyRoom, ExamHall, TestScore and RevisionPlanner; creating a logical and growing revision pathway towards exams for all your students.


RevisionPlanner - help your students plan their revision


Part calendar, part time-line, RevisionPlanner provides a scrolling 3 month overview of your students academic year. Using your selected Revision Pathway to identifying key dates, including exams, RevisionPlanner is designed to help you support students as they plan the time they have left until their next exam and the time they have between exams, helping them revise more efficiently.


Personalise - with individual student login accounts

click to individual student login accounts...

Using the standard multi-user student login provides no identification of who the actual student user is, their scores are therefore simply added to your institutes average score, when they logout.

By creating Individual Student User accounts, examstutor can permenantly record the performance of each of your students in the examstutor database. Allowing both you the teacher, and the student, the ability to monitor an individual students performance in assessments across the year.

Creating an individual login account also provides the student with access to the Podtutor podcast resources in their subject area.


Create Classes - group your individual students into classes

click to manage your classes...

Create a Class then your students can register for the Class, and you can view ReportCard information on the Class as a whole or compare individual performance of students in the Class.


ReportCards - track the performance of your students

track each students performance in online tests

From here you can review the performance of all your students in the online tests they have taken on examstutor. ReportCards can be generated for each subject providing graphical and tabular reports on the performance of the entire school / college, a class if created, or an individual student.


Knowdz - review your students revision Knowdz


Using examstutor your students can create micro revision notes and take photos of any revision resources they create. We call these student generated revision resources Knowdz and you can review a live timeline feed of any Knowdz your students create, and provide them with simple initial feedback if you wish.


Handouts - publish and distribute handouts online

publish your handout

Make your Handouts, Presentations and Spreadsheets, available for download by your students and your students only. All your handouts... etc, will be made available to your students and staff only. Published handouts will be listed on the appropriate subject home page, after login, for students to then download if they wish.


NoticeBoard - post notices for your students

click to post messages for your students

Post notices on the examstutor NoticeBoard for your students. Any notice you post will be presented to students from your school / college when they login to examstutor. Helping you to further direct their usage of examstutor, and keep them informed of developments in your department.


Other Options

  Set Access Options for your Students

  View and Edit your Institute details

  Create your own Links Database

Auto-Login from your Intranet or VLE

Hyperlink strings can also be provided, on request, for institutes wishing to place links to examstutor on their intranet / web site. These links are intended for secure areas of an institutes intranet / vle, and will automatically log students and staff into examstutor. Please contact for further details.


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