Veritas Prep GMAT Review: Is the Best GMAT Prep Course?

Are you looking to foolproof your future by acing your GMAT?

Good news because Veritas Prep GMAT, one of the leading test prep companies today, can assist you in preparing for your Graduate Management Association Test. It has enhanced the level of the learning experience by providing flexible and always-accessible coursework.

That being said, my in-depth Veritas Prep GMAT review could aid you to determine whether it is the right program for you or not.

Let’s dive in.

What is Veritas Prep?

Established way back in the year 2002, Veritas Prep is a service-based company that prepares educational resources particularly college and graduate school admission courses such as SAT, GMAT, and GRE. It was founded by two former Yale University students—Chad Troutwine and Markus Moberg—with the philosophy “students first.”

Almost two decades after, the exam prep program company now conducts test prep classes in more than 90 cities all around the globe and has helped over 300, 000 students. Now, coming from a two-person startup, the test prep company hires a handful of expert teachers who, according to them, are all 99th percentile. 

What does Veritas Prep GMAT offer?

Being a college and graduate school admission exam prep course provider, Veritas Prep offers GMAT; an admission test created specifically for business administration students. The program aims  to provide easy-to-access a flexible learning approach

Veritas Prep offers GMAT in various forms as well. Students, for instance, can choose to study at their own pace. If that is not your preferred mode of learning, you can then opt for Veritas Prep live classes. And if that is not enough, students can also hire a private tutor for one-on-one lessons.

Having that said, here’s an overview of Veritas Prep GMAT’s study materials and features:

  • Practice questions
  • High-definition video lessons
  • AWA essay review
  • 99th percentile teachers
  • Interactive lessons
  • 12 GMAT practice exams
  • Live instructor
  • Free admission consultation

Who are the ideal users?

To further put things in perspective, I came up with a list of ideal students that I think would benefit significantly from Veritas Prep GMAT’s contents and study features.

1. Financially capable students. Veritas Prep GMAT’s study materials and the feature would not be known as first-rate for no reason. And to pay for such quality comes, literally, with a price.


Unfortunately, Veritas Prep GMAT prep courses are quite expensive compared to some of its competitors like Magoosh and PrepScholar. The cost of its basic study plan, for example, starts at $699 while its premium plan starts at a whopping $1, 000— and is twice the amount of some GMAT prep programs.

And if, say, you need additional private lessons, you will need to pay extra money too since one-on-one tutoring in some plans are limited and you will need to subscribe to a separate GMAT tutoring program.

2.  Folks who prefer learning on their own. Veritas Prep GMAT is also an excellent option for individuals who prefer studying on their own. The GMAT prep course provider has a separate program called on-demand course.

As its name suggests, its features and materials are made particularly to help students learn at their own pace even without a teacher to guide them in real-time.

3.  People who need one-on-one tutoring. Generously enough, all plans provided by Veritas Prep comes with free but limited (3 hours, to be exact) private lessons. However, if you are the type of person who requires private lessons, then that would not obviously be enough.

So, to make things up, the GMAT prep course providers created a separate plan dedicated to private tutoring only. Its tutoring services are divided into four sub-plans: a  10-hour, 20-hour, 30-hour, and 40-hour. And each plan contains either interactive video lessons or self-study courses along with your chosen GMAT tutoring plan.

The only catch I noticed is that its tutoring services are pricey. Its basic plan, for example, costs  $2, 650 while its comprehensive plans cost $7, 950.

4.  Auditory and visual learners. The Veritas Prep GMAT works best with people who are naturally visual and auditory learners too. In fact, most of the lessons are conducted through a lecture;  aside from its wide range of on-demand video lessons and other digital study materials.

What are the pros and cons?

To weigh things further, I created an overview of Veritas Prep GMAT’s pros and cons.

The pros

  • Interactive and HD lecture videos
  • 99th percentile instructors
  • Top-tier practice tests
  • Extensive resources
  • Score increase guarantee

The cons

  • Pricey
  • Non-stylish video lessons

Veritas Prep GMAT review: what you need to know

In this section of my Veritas Prep GMAT review, I will expound more on its features and their individual perks, plans and pricing, as well as a few aspects that the test prep company should enhance and add.

Let’s dive in.

Veritas Prep GMAT top features

Princeton Review has powered its SAT coursework with an innovative study approach and cutting-edge technologies that I believe are individually important. However, at the same time, there are a few tools and features that I believe give more value to Princeton Review’s SAT prep course.

Simply put, these are Princeton Review SAT best features.

1.  Quality GMAT study materials. The GMAT prep program company also offers top-tier study contents and features. That being said, to put things in perspective, I came up with a list and gave a brief explanation for each as well as how each material makes Veritas Prep GMAT unique compared to its competitors.

  •  GMAT practice tests. When it comes to practice exams, Veritas Prep provides 12 full-length questionnaires. It was developed under Dr Lawrence Rudner’s guidance, the former Chief Psychometrician at the Graduate Management Admission Council.

    Each test is then administered and scored through an approach called Item Response Theory. These practice tests, additionally, provide not only “real” GMAT experience but also yields worth noting diagnostic reports that could aid you to boost your chance of scoring high.

    But do 12 full-length tests too much?

    Well, that depends heavily on the person. However, to answer roughly 3-hour long exams 12 times is a bit a stretch; for me, at least.
  • Skillbuilder lessons. Another handy feature I found in Veritas Prep GMAT is the “Skillbuilder Lessons.” As its name suggests, the material covers fundamental GMAT topics.

    I find it a great approach to continuously exercise one’s basic knowledge. And consequently, improve their skill and comprehension in advanced and complicated topics.
  • AWA essay review. Veritas Prep lets you submit two drafts for AWA or Analytical Writing Assessment essay as well. Such a feature allows students to have their essays checked (for commentary and grading) by a former AWA essay grader.
  • Practice problems. The GMAT prep program provider also offers more than 5, 000 practice questions for you to solve. Each problem comes with a solution and a brief explanation as well to further help you understand the questions.
  • Live online office hours. Last but not least is its “Live Online Office Hours.” The feature gives you a two-hour consultation from a GMAT expert Tutor every day and essentially gives you answers to your GMAT-related inquiries

2.  Personalized study plans. Veritas Prep knows that the “one size fits all” approach a perfect solution when it comes to teaching. And thus made sure that all its students would receive efficient education by developing a system that would let students have “customized study plans.”

Essentially, a tailored study plan is based according to their knowledge, skills, and preferences.

3.  Expert teachers. When it comes to its instructors, Veritas Prep made sure to hire the best GMAT teachers out there only. All its tutors are on the 99th percentile GMAT score. These teachers will also help you address your strengths and weaknesses, as well as the things you need to improve.

All teachers are guaranteed PhD holders as well.

4.  GMAT tutoring. Veritas Prep also has a separate plan dedicated to private tutoring only. The provider guarantees that all their tutors were selected according to their knowledge and expertise. In fact, all its teachers reached a 99th percentile score.

Having said that, here are a few perks included in GMAT’s tutoring services:

  • Tailored study plan and homework
  • Customized study schedule
  • GMAT strategies
  • Practice tests reviews

Furthermore, the only drawback I found is that the plans are sort of expensive. A 10-hour one-one-tutoring, for instance, costs around $699 for a one-time payment. Its premium plan, which amounts to 40 hours private lessons + Live Course, costs around $8, 000.

5.  50-point score increase guarantee. Another cool feature to assure you that Veritas Prep’s GMAT prep course can truly assist you is its 50-point Score Increase Guarantee Policy. Essentially, the feature enables you to ask for a tuition fee refund if, in case, your exam results flopped and did not improve by 50 points.

All study programs under Veritas Prep come with it. Hence, whichever you opt, you are granted the privilege to take your money back if your GMAT score did not go well.

On the one hand, do take note the policy is only applicable if you comply fully with all the requirements the test prep provider is asking. To learn more about it, you can check its official webpage at Veritas Prep GMAT.

Plans and pricing

Veritas Prep offers three major GMAT prep courses: the on-demand, the live class, and one-on-one tutoring. Each course is then divided into several plans and are priced according to its contents.

That being said, here is an overview of each Veritas Prep GMAT plan.

1.  On-demand study course. Also known as a self-study course, this particular program of Veritas Prep enables students to study independently. It comes in three plans with different sets of contents. And depending on the plan, the materials range from practice tests to limited private lessons.

With it, students are granted access to pre-recorded video lessons that could be streamed on different devices like phones and laptops. Access to its online homework help expert is included too.

The price of each plan varies, on the one hand, is dependent on its contents. Its basic self-study plan which contains practice questions and tests, video lessons, and diagnostic exam, for instance, costs $699. And if you would like to add an extra 3 hours of private lessons, you will have to pay $1, 100.

Moreover, if you prefer a comprehensive course to ensure you get everything you need, its premium on-demand plan is around $2, 500.

The duration of each subscription lasts a maximum of one year as well.

2.  Live classes. Veritas Prep GMAT live class course, on the other hand, is a one-plan integrated program. I say integrated because it comes with a complete set of on-demand courses.

You will get approximately 36-hour live lessons for six weeks. And, of course, you will meet an expert teacher twice a week. These instructors are experienced and are also guaranteed a score in the 99th percentile.

But the best thing about it is that you choose your teacher. Each lesson is managed by several instructors and you can freely select which class you want to take.

When it comes to its price, its base price is $1, 399.

3.  Private lessons. Veritas Prep’s GMAT tutoring plan is divided into four categories: Independent (10 hours), Focused (20 hours), Ambitious (30 hours), and Comprehensive (40 hours) plans.

Each plan then contains a varying set of study materials and features. For Independent and Focused plans, students will receive 10 and 20 hours of private tutoring, respectively. Both programs come with an on-demand course as well.

For Ambitious and Comprehensive, on the other hand, students will receive 30 and 40 hours of private lessons. Both programs come with a complete set of Live Course too.

Things to take note of

Veritas Prep GMAT is not all roses. It lacks a few things as well that, I believe, the exam prep provider could improve.

That being said, here is the one thing I find not-so-good about it: expensive plans.

Veritas Prep GMAT prep course is clearly a high-calibre educational service for graduate students planning to take an MBA. The only dilemma I noticed is that there is a big chance that only a few privileged people could afford.


It is because all its GMAT courses are pricey. As mentioned, its basic plan Even its basic plan will cost you about $699. And if you are the type that needs one-on-one lessons, you would have to pay more for its tutoring services. 

The verdict

Do I recommend Veritas Prep GMAT?

Absolutely. Aside from the fact that it hires expert tutors only as well as its extensive study materials, I believe its approach towards standardized exams like GMAT is top-tier and highly accessible.

Overall, its features are worth every dollar. From its customized study plans to its one-on-one tutoring, it is safe to say that Veritas Prep truly values your future.