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Biology Article on Gas Exchange suitable for A Level Biology Biology StudyRoom article looking at
Gas Exchange

A small organism, like an amoeba, has a large surface area : volume ratio, and so it can accomplish all the exchange it needs by simple diffusion across its body surface. However, a large organism, like a mammal, has a much smaller surface area: volume ratio, so it can not accomplish all the exchange it needs in this way. A large surface area : volume ratio is preferable for carrying out exchange...

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PodTutor audio revision resources Biology PodTutor Track - Biochemistry and Cells - Enzymes

Download and listen to our unique mp3 PodTutor audio revision resources, and revise whenever and where ever you like. Ideal for students who have a strong auditory memory and therefore find information sticks if they hear it rather than read it, PodTutor is also suitable for students with Dyslexia, impaired vision or student for whom English is a second language...

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Biology Examhall for A level and GCSE exam questions  

Take a seat in the biology ExamHall, an online database referencing A level Biology and GCSE Biology exam questions, mark-schemes, and examiners reports. Search for questions on a particular topic, or complete past exam papers, and unlike any other ExamHall when you get stuck you can refer to the answers, providing invaluable preparation for the real thing.

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Part calendar, part time-line, RevisionPlanner provides you with a scrolling 3 month overview of your academic year. Using your selected RevisionPathway to help you plan out the time you have left until your next exam, and the time you have between exams, so you can revise more efficiently.

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