evaluation and reveiw of examstutor  

If you are a member of staff at a UK school or college and you would like an opportunity to evaluate examstutor, before you take out an institute subscription. Please complete the form below, and we will contact you through your school / college to arrange your 7 day free trial access.

(Please Note : Free trial requests can not be accepted from students. Students should ask their teacher / lecturer to request a trial on behalf of their school / college.)


Free Trial Request Form

First, please select the subject area / areas you wish to evaluate.

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Now we need to know a little about you, and the school or college you teach at.

Your name :

this person must be contactable via the email address you give below, throughout the free trial period

Name of institute :

Address of institute :

Post Code :

Telephone number :
this must be an school / college contact number for the person named above

Email address:

please ensure this email addresses is currently working, as this will be our main means of contacting you to arrange your free trial, including sending you your login details

Finally you need to create the passwords students and teachers would use to access examstutor, if you subsequently take up a subscription. Examstutor will create usernames to go with these passwords, and email them to you.

Choose Student Password: this password can be used by students and teachers to access examstutor, try to make it something they will remember, but not too obvious
Re-Enter Student Password:

Choose Admin Password:

this password can be used by teachers only to access the examstutor Staff Room, make sure it's easy for teachers to remember, but hard for students to guess
Re-Enter Admin Password:

Form completed, simply click the submit button below.


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