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What teachers and students say

'Examstutor is particularly good at teaching the skills alongside the content of exams. This is crucial, because it's very difficult for students to get this sort of knowledge outside of the classroom'
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'I have been aware of this site for some time. In my honest opinion it is the best site and the best service/range of services on the net.'
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'Don't get me wrong, Examstutor hasn't dramatically converted my revision technique and relieved me from the chains of pen and paper but simply made the whole process of revision easier and simpler. I would definitely recommend it.'
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'My revision was more focused and organised as I went through each topic.'
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'Examstutor allows students to use a range of techniques to find which works best for them. This makes the website useful for almost every type of learner.'
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'Examstutor is a major time saver......more than just a revision resource......alerting students to gaps in their knowledge before they tackled actual exam questions'
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Leading Schools & Colleges using examstutor

Examstutor is used in leading schools and colleges across the UK to support their students as they revise for A level and GCSE exams, here are just a few of the schools and colleges we work with.

Hills Road Sixth Form College,  Swanshurst School,  The Grammar School at Leeds,  Harrow College,  Greenhead College,  City College Plymouth,  Bilborough College,  St Francis Xavier 6th Form College,  Harlow College,  Oldham Sixth Form College,  Stanborough School,  Kingston College,  Winstanley College,  Chichester College,  Esher College,  Exeter College of Further Education,  Petroc,  Brooke House Sixth Form College,  Trafford College,  West Thames College,  Richard Huish College,  College of North West London,  Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College,  Birmingham Metropolitan College,  South Eastern Regional College,  St Charles Catholic Sixth Form College,  Uxbridge College, 

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