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'Don't prepare - prepare to fail' exams are difficult, they're supposed to be, to do well you must learn the syllabus as you go through the year and then revise that which you have already learnt before the exam. It sounds obvious, and much of this article will seem common sense, but many students still neglect preparing for exams.

Our approach here will be to identify popular revision techniques, and tips based on the past experiences of students. To start with here are some simple revision tips

  • Organise your notes, texts and assignments, an organised file will save you hours when the time comes to revise.
  • Go back over your notes after a lecture, many students become almost human photocopy machines - just copying down what ever the lecturer says, without giving much thought to the content of their notes.
  • Quickly review your notes before the next lecturer, highlighting any questions you may have. Believe it or not, lecturers like being asked questions.
  • Test yourself on the material you have been studying, use our 'Exam Hall' Question Papers and Multiple Choice Assessments.

All students and lecturers try to anticipate the content of exams, its a national hobby, but no one gets it completely right. As exams and in-class assessments approach lecturers will often provide hints as to what they think may be included. Whilst students will review the last few years of exam papers and assume that certain questions can't possibly come up three times in a row, and then they do.

We know what's going to be in your exam .... its going to be a set of questions which test your knowledge and understanding of elements of the exam boards syllabus, so learn it!

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