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Driver Theory Test StudyRoom article - Contra-flow bus lane
Driver Theory Test StudyRoom Recall
To help students revise for academic exams, we've developed a highly effective revision approach, which you can now use to pass your Driving Theory Test. One element of this approach is the use of text redaction to stimulate the active recall of information, which we simply call recall. Review this sample section of our enhanced online Highway Code on Signs giving orders by clicking the recall button.

PodTutor audio revision resources, your own online mp3 player.

Driving Theory Audio
Revise by listening to our illustrated audio version of the Highway Code and practice test questions. Ideal for students who have a strong auditory memory and find information sticks if they hear it rather than read it. This hands free learning resource helps you grab any opportunity to revise both the Highway Code, and test yourself with practice questions.

Driving Theory Test TestCenter for learner drivers
Driving Theory Test App

Our Driving Theory Test app, can be downloaded for free onto your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device. With 430 official practice DSA Theory Test questions, providing instant feedback for each question helping you identifying the correct response to questions you get wrong. Reinforcing your understanding of all the key topics in the Driving Theory Test. Features include:

  • Topics Test: covering all officially examined topics
  • Random Tests: Choose the number of questions randomly drawn from either the entire question bank or the topic you are currently revising.
  • Instant Feedback: Correct Answers identified if you get a question wrong, reinforcing learning.
  • Report Card: tracking your performance in all the tests you take, whilst charting your understanding of each topic prior to you sitting your Official Driving Theory Test.

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